New 2016 Translation Patch! (2016/08/16)

And because I like effort, here's a new version of the english translation!
This time, no more kanjis on the amount of money you have, every single digit will appear, like we actually do!
There's also a few fixes on the text, and unless there's something else to do, this should be the FINAL patch.

So, the downloads section has been updated to include the updated pre-patched ROMs, and the new BPS patches... just because.

BS-X Project Site Redesign (2016/08/16)

Another redesign! And this one is particularly interesting mostly because now the site contains quite a bit of information now!
BS-X Town will now have no more secrets for you! I have done a lot of research to figure out what makes this town special.

Hoping you'll enjoy this new site!