English Patch 1.3 (2016/11/27)

So, someone has found untranslated text. And then I noticed a huge bug with the Transfer Device.
This is now fixed, and therefore must mention about the 1.3 release of the translation patch, that you can still get on the Downloads section :D
Also, you can download the original BS-X ROM taken from No-Intro.

bsnes-plus! (2016/11/23)

bsnes-plus v073+3 is now out, and replaces the very outdated bsnes-sx2!
This is a fork of bsnes maintained by Revenant which has a lot more debugging capabilities, for SuperFX and SA-1, for exemple.

We worked on Satellaview emulation in the last few weeks, the result is something even better than bsnes-sx2!
The differences are: No more XML files to support Tsukuru games, updated Satellaview data files, better written code,
custom time & date so you can play directly at the start of a soundlink game instead of waiting the start of the hour...

Many changes that might please you and were quite needed after a long while.
Can you find the easter egg in the BS-X Town? I also left a special Satellaview contest for Itoi's Bass Fishing No. 1!

New 2016 Translation Patch! (2016/08/16)

And because I like effort, here's a new version of the english translation!
This time, no more kanjis on the amount of money you have, every single digit will appear, like we actually do!
There's also a few fixes on the text, and unless there's something else to do, this should be the FINAL patch.

So, the downloads section has been updated to include the updated pre-patched ROMs, and the new BPS patches... just because.

BS-X Project Site Redesign (2016/08/16)

Another redesign! And this one is particularly interesting mostly because now the site contains quite a bit of information now!
BS-X Town will now have no more secrets for you! I have done a lot of research to figure out what makes this town special.

Hoping you'll enjoy this new site!