What is BS-X Project about?

BS-X Project is about making the Satellaview back online and access to all the features of the BS-X BIOS.
It's also about documenting it.
This project is done by LuigiBlood.

What is the Satellaview?

The Satellaview is an addon for the SNES that uses the EXT port.
It permits to the SNES to get access to a satellite to download games, magazines, addon data, and also listen to streaming audio (Soundlink).
To use those features, a cartridge is needed: The BS-X Cartridge.

What is the BS-X Cartridge?

It's a cartridge that uses all the features of the Satellaview addon and does a little more.
It has a lobby in the form of a RPG in a city which's name got stolen, like the full name of the cart:
"BS-X: Sore wa Namae o Nusumareta Machi no Monogatari"
(which means "BS-X : The Story of The Town Whose Name Was Stolen")
You can make a character with the name you want, and the gender you want.
When it downloads a game (or other things I have talked about before), it puts it in a Memory Pack.

What's a Memory Pack?

This little cartridge contains FLASH Memory which is used for game/magazine downloads and custom-made content.
The BS-X can run games from a Memory Pack.

Why "Reviving with Emulation"?

Because I'm using emulators for this project, as I can't have a Satellaview myself.
In this case, i'm using bsnes.

What's done on BS-X Project?

Nearly everything is emulated (download, Memory Pack support), with a few quirks. It's possible to have a SNES Homebrew working on BS-X without any problems.
Soundlink and Serial emulation are missing.