Pre-patched ROMs available! (08/28/2014)

I'm still alive, just that things are going pretty slow. I've been getting more people having problems patching ROMs.
I have no idea why despite that all they need was the No-Intro dump of the BS-X BIOS, I decided to put it online.

Since the other websites tied to this domain are giving many ROMs, I've decided to put pre-patched ROMs online, ready to go. Enjoy.

Translated + DRM removed ROM
Untranslated + DRM removed ROM
Translated with DRM untouched

French website! (10/15/2013)

So I decided to make the french website. It's accessible from the bottom of this page.
I was tempted to do it for a while, and now I did it.

BS-X BIOS English Patch v1.1 FIX (02/07/2013)

I REALLY feel dumb for this.
To not see the Whale Bait Item Name error until the last patch release when I said it will be last...
A few days later too... Sorry guys. But if there's any errors, feel free to tell me.

- Whale Bait Item Name fixed.

v1.1 Patch Download

BS-X BIOS English Patch v1.0 FINAL (02/05/2013)

Now I'm fully done. It's 1.0, final version, won't do more unless more bugs found.

- Changed Subtitle Translation of Title Screen
- Checksums fixed.

v1.0 FINAL Patch Download

BS-X BIOS English Patch v0.3 (02/03/2013)

New patch(es)! 100% English Translated BIOS!
Now includes three patches, the English patch, an Anti-DRM patch, and both at the same time!

- Translated Title Screen and St. GIGA screen.
- Replaced picture of Transmitting with an english one.
- 3 patches instead of one.

v0.3 Patch Download

BS-X BIOS English Patch v0.2 (01/08/2013)

I fixed the patch, it should work now.

- Added (forgotten) Back translation when there's no programs.
- Fixed Patch using the original No-Intro ROM because I'm dumb I didn't use the right one, sorry guys.

v0.2 Patch Download

BS-X BIOS English Patch v0.1 (01/06/2013)

Happy New Year! This is what I wanted to do since BS-X Project didn't advance much, I might as well do something.
So I made this translation patch, I call it 2013 version as there was one before.

Every text should be translated, in the exception of the Title Screen, St. GIGA screens, and I think that's pretty much it.

Beta because it isn't much tested, but so far it worked.
v0.1 Patch Download

snes9x-sx2 v0.2 (10/31/2012)

So I did it, snes9x-sx2 v0.2 after some trouble (for nothing), the GitHub works, and here's the changelog:
- Added MultiCart Memory Pack support (now RPG Maker 2 and others can load a Memory Pack!)
- Fixed Download Freeze.
- Changed the Memory Pack saved file to "".
Windows Binary 32-bit and 64-bit
Source Code

snes9x-sx2 v0.1 (10/26/2012)

I honestly been waiting for this day. The first version of snes9x-sx2 is now released! My special thanks to OV2 for helping compiling the thing, at least for debug. In the end he compiled the release version so I know it actually works as it should be.
Windows Binary 32-bit and 64-bit
Source Code

bsnes-sx2 v009 (08/05/2012)

It's been a while! Originally it was planned to wait for bsnes v090 first but since people have complained a bit about how slow the emulation was, I decided to release a new version, without the debugger, that's what is making the very slow emulation. I also added the correct BS-X Memory Map, but it's not tested. Sorry.
- Debugger removed for faster emulation
- Proper BS-X Memory Mapping added. (Note: This version isn't tested.)
Windows Binary 32-bit (Compatibility)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

bsnes-sx2 v008 and SatellaWave 0.1 Beta (04/08/2012)

Changelog of bsnes-sx2 v008:
- New format of BSX data files supported.
- Added Year data to Time Channel.
- Fixed Day data to Time Channel.
- Fixed Crash when erasing full Flash data.
Windows Binary 32-bit (Compatibility)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

SatellaWave 0.1 Beta download:
Windows Binary
Source Code

bsnes-sx2 v007 (03/21/2012)

- Super Famicom Box emulation (which doesn't work) added.
- Fixed Page Erase Memory Pack command.
- Added Satellaview Second Stream support. ($218E-$2193)
- Added Hardcoded Time Stream Channel (0x0000)
- Time Stream Channel now have Month and Day data.
Windows Binary 32-bit (Compatibility)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

SatellaWave Lite 0.1 (03/10/2012)

Something i've been working on for a while.
It's a file splitter. It makes BSX????-?.bin files for bsnes-sx2 if you want to test homebrew downloads and other things...
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Runtime is needed. (or Mono for Linux/Mac users)
Windows Binary

bsnes-sx2 v006 (01/19/2012)

- XBAND is now supported. (Without Online features)
- Added Cartridge Tilt and Swap features.
- New name. "sx2" stands for "Seru's bs-X and Xband".
Windows Binary 32-bit (Compatibility)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

bsnes-bsx v005 (12/04/2011)

- Fixed some Memory Pack Erase commands.
- Added Memory Pack saving support.
(It will make a file, and will replace the contents EVERY TIME you save, be careful.)
- Removed Memory Pack Logging feature that slows down emulation.
Windows Binary 32-bit (Compatibility)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

bsnes-bsx v004 (12/02/2011)

And this time... It will be even more useful:
- Added more Memory Pack commands support
- Fixed XML BS-X Slot support! (Try RPG Maker 2 and others now!)
Windows Binary 32-bit (Compatibility)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

bsnes-bsx v003 (11/23/2011)

New release! Changelog:
- Signal Type Filter support (Registers $2188-$2189)
- BSX files have different filenames.
Windows Binary 32-bit (Compatibility)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

bsnes-bsx v002 (11/02/2011)

This one's a big enhancement from the last version. It's a LOT MORE CUSTOMIZABLE!
Oh, and also: 32-bit version added. It's worth the wait!
Windows Binary 32-bit (Compatibility)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

BS-X Project... is on a roll! (11/01/2011)

Well... Many things happened.
I got into Normal Online Mode, Soundlink Mode... And many others things that Kiddo's blog will say better.
By the way, i made a japanese version of this website.

BS-X Project gets better (10/29/2011)

Finally got to be in Online Soundlink Mode:
bsnes-bsx v002 won't be released yet.

bsnes-bsx v001 release (10/27/2011)

I wanted to release it at some point... (Can't seem to compile to 32-bit, sorry.)
Windows Binary 64-bit (Compatibility)
Source Code

BS-X Project Website Not WIP anymore (08/26/2011)

I finished the other pages. And credited properly ^^

BS-X Project Website Comes Back (08/25/2011)

For some reason, the website got removed. But i still have a backup.
But here's what is going on now:
Matthew Callis has volunteered to host the website. And so, I've made a whole new design and logo for it. Hope you like it.

Update (29/05/2011 13:57)

It's been a while, but many things happened. Ikari_01 helped me for BS-X Project, mostly on Data Pack Commands (check the wiki),
And has also been helping a little on this new video :
I will update the wiki soon about this, but at least, BS-X Project continues.

Found out something. (05/03/2011 17:33)

I have disassembled from the BS-X ROM, how the BS-X writes on Memory Packs.
But for a good reason, i can't release the comment version of the disassembly,
because it might not help about dumping new BS roms.

Twitter Widget Added. (23/10/2010 00:05)

Took me some long time to get it work good...
Now you have a way to see my progress.

First news! (20/10/2010 23:05)

The first news ! How nice is it ?
Well okay so, I updated most of the things, i fixed some mistakes.
Don't hesitate to see the FAQ and the TODO pages.