Welcome to the new BS-X Project Website!

French website! (10/15/2013)

So I decided to make the french website. It's accessible from the bottom of this page.
I was tempted to do it for a while, and now I did it.

BS-X BIOS English Patch v1.1 FIX (02/07/2013)

I REALLY feel dumb for this.
To not see the Whale Bait Item Name error until the last patch release when I said it will be last...
A few days later too... Sorry guys. But if there's any errors, feel free to tell me.

- Whale Bait Item Name fixed.

v1.1 Patch Download

BS-X BIOS English Patch v1.0 FINAL (02/05/2013)

Now I'm fully done. It's 1.0, final version, won't do more unless more bugs found.

- Changed Subtitle Translation of Title Screen
- Checksums fixed.

v1.0 FINAL Patch Download

BS-X BIOS English Patch v0.3 (02/03/2013)

New patch(es)! 100% English Translated BIOS!
Now includes three patches, the English patch, an Anti-DRM patch, and both at the same time!

- Translated Title Screen and St. GIGA screen.
- Replaced picture of Transmitting with an english one.
- 3 patches instead of one.

v0.3 Patch Download